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Pauline Neergaard was born at supper time on Wednesday, September 24 to John Theodore Neergaard and Bessie Ophelia Abel. She was born at home on the family dairy farm near Kingston, Roane County TN. She was her parents 6th child. A baby girl was the first child who only lived 2 months. Pauline had 4 big brothers. She did a good job keeping up with them. Around home she soon acquired the nickname Tommie. The family home was a gathering place for church groups, socials, and school activities. They had a basketball court, tree swings, a place for bonfires and a spring house that would be full of cold milk or lemonade. Pauline often brought her friends home and they were welcomed and fed. Her brothers did the same. Pauline’s mother did not send her to school until she was 7. Her mother felt the walk to school was too far for such a small child. Pauline was always very petite. She was a brunette with big dark brown eyes. When Pauline started school her mother cut her hair short to save time in the mornings.

Pauline’s mother was a Methodist and a Republican. Her father was a deacon in the Presbyterian church and a Democrat. Yet Pauline never heard her parents argue. The family attended Methodist Sunday School and Presbyterian worship service. No one knew if Bess voted for John in elections. He was elected two terms to the county court.

Pauline did well in school. She excelled in math and basketball, of course. When a difficult math problem was put on the board Pauline memorized it and thought about it in bed. The next morning she volunteered to put the problem and solution on the board. Visitors from the state were there and were impressed. She had some piano lessons but hated to practice because the piano was in a cold room away from the family. In High School Pauline played on the girls basketball team for Roane County High School. She met a tall young man, Edd Goodwin, who played for Lenoir City High School. When the schools played, the girls watched the boys and vice versa. They were just friends at that time.

Pauline went to college during The Depression. Her dad came up with her tuition somehow. He even traded goods from the farm when he could for tuition. He believed to educate a woman was to educate a family. Pauline graduated with a teaching certificate from the state of Tennessee in 1935. She first taught out in the county at a one room school house named Acme. She taught grades 1-4 and the other teacher had the rest. Then she got a job in Kingston at a school called Fairview where she taught grades 1 or 2 a few years.

Pauline married Edd Goodwin January 19, 1940 in Nashville, TN. Edd had studied pharmacy. He decided he could never live his life in the four walls of a drug store. He took a job with a pharmaceutical company and his territory was the Rocky Mountains. He and Pauline lived out of the car and had a wonderful time in the West.

Leahbeth was born in Albuquerque, June 7, 1949. The fussy baby was a delightful challenge. Pauline sewed the family clothes, even Edd’s shirts for work. Together they kept a large garden and fruit trees and preserved much of their own food. Edd insisted they were thrifty. Instead of buying furniture for Pauline as she wished he made her a table and benches and other items, buying only the basics. When the house was paid for they created a lovely home together. Pauline was busy with PTA, Brownies and Girl Scouts. When Leahbeth was in Jr. High and High School Pauline worked part time at Penney’s in the piece goods department. She got a discount at Penneys and bought a few pieces of nice furniture.

Birth 24 SEPT 1913 Kingston, Roane Co, Tennessee
Marriage 19 JAN 1940 Hartsville, TC, Tennessee
Death 03 Feb 2013 Austin, Travis Co, Texas

Pauline Neergaard was born…

Father John Theodore Neergaard
Mother Bessie Ophelia Abel Neergaard
Sister Ruth Neergaard
Brother John Robbs Neergaard
Brother William Forest Neergaard
Brother George Lester Neergaard
Brother James Theodore Neergaard
Husband Edd (Henry Edward) Goodwin
Daughter Leahbeth Goodwin Prince

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