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Son of Edward Marriott and Martha (Wayment) Marriott East, Grandson of John Marriott and Teresa (Southwick) Marriott

-Born 11 April 1884 at Warren, Weber County, Utah
-Baptized 7 July 1892
-Endowed 25 January 1912 when married to HAZEL FLORENCE WADE at Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake County, Utah
-Died 25 May 1973 at Ogden, Weber County, Utah
-Buried 28 May 1973 at Warren Cemetery, Weber County, Utah

Children of Arthur Wayment Marriott and Hazel Florence (Wade) Marriott
1. Elwin Wade Marriott, born at Warren, Weber County, Utah 14 February 1914, died 28 Oct 1989; buried Warren Cemetery
2. Rhea Marriott Snow, born at Warren, Weber County, Utah 10 October 1916, died Jun 2003; buried Washington Heights Memorial Park, Ogden, Utah
3. Don Wade Marriott, born at Ogden, Weber County, Utah 11September 1920
4. Barbara Jean Marriott, born at Warren, Weber County, Utah 31 December 1925
5. Verla Marriott, born at Warren, Weber County, Utah 5 February 1928; died 21 January 1931; buried Warren Cemetery.

Family history of Arthur Wayment Marriott by Elwin Wade Marriott, a son

Arthur Wayment Marriott was born 11 April 1884 to Edward Marriott and Martha (Wayment) Marriott in Warren, Weber County, Utah. He was the only child of this union as his parents separated soon after his birth. After her divorce, his mother, Martha, returned to her mother’s home where she found help in caring for Arthur while she taught school.

On Christmas Day of, 1885, Arthur’s mother married David East. Together they had six children–Herbert, Alvin, LeRoy, Earl, Irene and Lola–and they also raised Virginia Wayment whose mother had died when she was a baby.

Arthur’s biological father, Edward Marriott, later married Lily Merrill 11 October 1898 in Pocatello, Idaho. They had a daughter, Edna May Marriott, born 10 March 1901, and divorced in 1918.

Arthur Wayment Marriott lived almost his entire life in the rural community of Warren, or Salt Creek as it was originally called. He was not the first child born here, but he was among the first generation of children born in Warren. The community was settled by people with little farming experience. The area had agricultural potential but it was a challenge to develop, particularly with the problems of spring flooding from the nearby Weber River and irrigating the arid soil of the Great Salt Lake basin.

When Arthur was a lad (date unknown) he moved with the David East family to Corinne, Box Elder County, Utah, where they stayed about a year. Not finding things to their liking there, they returned to Salt Creek (Warren).

In March 1898, Arthur’s family moved to a home that had been built on some land they owned known as the Range, about three and a half miles west of Salt Creek (in Section 4.) They paid for most of their land by grubbing the sagebrush off various areas. Much of the range area was very uneven from the wind blowing the sand behind the sagebrush. Sagebrush and greasewood were used as firewood for heating and cooking.

Arthur and the other David East children attended school in a one-room schoolhouse located on the Peery corner about one mile west of the Warren-West Warren Cemetery.

Martha was a Sunday school teacher and took the children with her, walking the 1 or 2 miles from home. They held all their church meetings in the schoolhouse. When the snow was deep and the roads hadn’t been cleared for the teams to get through, they walked across the snow drifts on the top of the snow and went to school.

The older brothers in the family–Arthur, Herbert, Alvin and Roy–would would hunt small game for food, Much of their living depended on jackrabbits, cottontails, geese and ducks.

Their house on the Range only had two rooms. The flooring was made of 1 x 12 inch boards with cracks in it. It was not too warm in the winter. The ceiling was covered with cheesecloth, that’ s all there was for a ceiling. The bedroom was just an old lean on the back of the house. It wasn’t high enough to walk under because it was only four feet high at the rear. It sloped from about six feet to about four feet.

When the family moved back to Warren from the Range, the house was also moved there onto land given to Martha by her mother. The house was enlarged, the roof of the lean was raised so that you could walk under it, but it was still a lean. They got away from the cheesecloth ceiling and plastered the house.

Arthur stayed with his Grandmother Wayment a lot, who lived just across the street. He also lived with his Uncle William T. and family for considerable periods of time.

Arthur’s education was limited, as was common for the period. He finished about the fifth grade, worked on the farm, and did odd jobs. He remembered working as a water boy on the Warren Irrigation Canal when he was about ten, carrying drinking water to the workers in two buckets attached to a yoke across his shoulders. The digging of this canal was a tremendous project for this small rural community. He also worked as a laborer in the construction of the Southern Pacific’s Lucin cut-off across the Great Salt Lake.

When he was about twenty, Arthur worked briefly for the Eccles Lumber Company in Baker, Oregon. Other than this period and the time they lived on the Range, he spent his entire life in Warren.

When he returned from working in the lumber mills in Baker, Oregon, he purchased the land and building that had been Warren’s first meetinghouse and school building. Along with his stepbrother, Herbert East, he converted the old schoolhouse into a country store and barbershop. He also purchased some land and began farming. Herbert went on a mission to England in 1910. The store burned down while Herbert was away. Arthur then devoted his life to farming and the sheep business.

The East family had musical instruments at home, the violin, guitar, concertina, and Herbert had his cornet and Arthur had a trombone. Arthur and Herbert took lessons; the rest of the family didn’t. Martha and David East were both good singers and performed together at many events and services in Warren and the surrounding communities. On 25 January 1912, Arthur Marriott married Hazel Florence Wade, the daughter of James Monroe Wade and Isabelle Crandall Wade, a prominent (polygamous) family in the Warren community, who had moved to Warren from Liberty, in the Ogden Valley, when the irrigation canal was built. Arthur and Hazel were the parents of five children: Elwin Wade, Rhea, Don Wade, Barbara Jean, and the youngest, Verla, who died in childhood, just before her third birthday.

Arthur was involved in community activity and service almost his entire life. He was active in the LDS Church and served in many positions: Sunday School teacher and superintendent; Mutual, stake Mutual board; ward drama director for many years (he directed numerous plays); counselor under two bishops for twenty-one years; and bishop for eight years.

He initiated a community band, organized its training, and directed it in community and county performances for several years. Arthur and Hazel along with his stepbrother, Herbert, played for dances. Herbert and Arthur were in the Warren Brass Band that played at all the special occasions in the community and the County for several years. He was a booster and supporter of local sports and athletics and served as manager of baseball teams and the like. He was a charter member and first president of the Warren Farm Bureau Association. He was also president of the Warren Irrigation Association for ten years, a very important position in a rural area of the arid west.

Arthur Marriott was a person of honesty and integrity. He was a man of few words, but personable, well liked, and respected. He liked people and they reciprocated. He had great sympathy and compassion for the unfortunate and the underdog. He was a good husband, good parent, good citizen, and a spiritual man.

Birth 11 APR 1884 Warren, Weber Co, Utah
Baptism (LDS) 7 JUL 1892 Warren, Weber Co, Utah
Marriage and Endowment 25 JAN 1912 Salt Lake City, SLC Co., Utah
Sealing 25 JAN 1912 Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah
Death 25 MAY 1973 Ogden, Weber Co., Utah

Father Edward Marriott
Mother Martha Wayment Marriott East
Half-Brother Herbert East
Half-Brother Alvin East
Half-Brother Earl East
Half-Sister Irene East
Half-Sister Lola East
Wife Haxel Florence Wade Marriott
Son Elwin Wade Marriott
Daughter Rhea Marriott Snow
Son Don Wade Marriott
Daughter Barbara Jean Marriott Anderson
Daughter Verla Marriott

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